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How SERVPRO Handles Atlantic City Storm, Water, Fire, and Mold Damage Emergencies

10/6/2019 (Permalink)

Back doors of SERVPRO van opened.  2 men removing equipment from vehicle No matter your restoration emergency, SERVPRO has the equipment and experience needed to remediate the damage.

Fire, Storm, Water, or Mold Damage in Atlantic City?  SERVPRO has you Covered

Between our management and even many of our loyal field technicians, we have more than 100 years of combined restoration experience to offer. Because we can offer a full-service approach to recovery and restoration, we can complete jobs more quickly than our customers might expect, while saving their money in the process. We have been serving the Greater Atlantic City area since 2004, which has allowed us to become a trusted staple of the community, offering reliable restoration services whenever disasters strike. In a city that often relies on good fortunes, luck is not always in everyone’s favor when it comes to loss incidents. 

Storm Damage Restoration

We have become a very trusted name in storm relief after the hundreds of homes and businesses that we helped after the destruction of Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Irene. With the Jersey Shore and other coastal communities housed within our service area, we have an obligation to more than just Atlantic City structures when robust weather systems make landfall. Sandy passed through in 2012, and our team worked tirelessly on mitigation and emergency construction to prevent flooding and further exposure of structural elements. 

Part of our success in storm relief rests on the shoulders of our competent construction professionals. We have a team of licensed (General Contractor License #: HIC #13VH05086500) professionals that can address the many concerns that exist immediately following traumatic storm damages. Atlantic City homes and businesses are often susceptible to significant loss after a single breach in the structure’s exterior, such as a failing roof or broken window. Our professionals can help with emergency board up and tarping services.  

Flooding is a common scenario that accompanies storm damage in Atlantic City homes. Our SERVPRO team has all of the equipment and experience necessary to address flooding concerns as they occur, including high-capacity extraction equipment and trucks, as well as rapid drying solutions designed to be as minimally invasive as possible. 

Water Damage Restoration

Considering that nearly all of our technicians have accreditations through the Insitute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as Water Restoration Technicians (WRT), it is safe to assume that a vast majority of the more than a century of experience with our SERVPRO team is in this niche. Water damage in Atlantic City homes might happen in multiple ways, but it is the same industry-leading equipment and trained professionals every time to make the situation better. 

We have a knack for structural drying, and that helps us to provide sufficient moisture removal in damaged structural elements and construction materials without requiring removal and replacement. Keeping materials installed in your Atlantic City residence helps us save time and money for you. We even utilize exclusive software of our brand known as DryBook that can help to keep all parties informed about the drying progress and estimated completion. 

As we are part of a large loss service team, we can improve the efficiency of even substantial losses with our deep availability of personnel, recovery equipment, and cleaning products available as needed. In Atlantic City alone, this same conglomeration of our resources has helped us to tackle massive structural losses spanning more than 500,000 square feet. 

Fire Damage Restoration

There is no single correct method of recovery and restoration for fire damaged Atlantic City homes and businesses. Our SERVPRO professionals perform a thorough assessment and inspection when we first arrive at the damaged address, which allows us to determine the best approach to restore the property. This inspection determines the tools necessary to complete these tasks, and what volume of our experienced staff must help in this process to achieve maximum efficiency. 

With so many layers of effects to address when a fire first gets extinguished, it can be refreshing for an experienced team like ours to take the reins. We know what your property needs and how to achieve that result. We can work quickly to begin efforts like debris removal and fire cleanup, which can work to protect many of the installed elements and construction materials throughout your Atlantic City residence. During mitigation, we also have multiple approaches for damaging situations like soot and smoke residue that can adhere to surfaces and contents. 

Content management is one of the strong suits of our entire team, and we work immediately to protect any exposed materials and belongings from detrimental effects. We can work to recover some of your possessions on-site with our premier cleaning products and equipment. Still, many of these same items must get relocated to our nearby facility for focused cleaning, deodorization, and storage.

Mold Remediation

While our SERVPRO team might specialize in content management for fire losses, we also have that same experienced team of cleaning technicians available for the restoration and cleaning of mold-damaged belongings in your Atlantic City property. We know the damage that mold can do to organic materials, documents, and other belongings throughout your home. Our professionals can remove these items from the hazardous zone of your household and store them safely at our climate-controlled facility until remediation completes. 

Mold begins developing within 48 hours of a water loss incident, and you need professional strategies and experience to protect your Atlantic City home. Often homeowners do not notice the growth of this organism, which can allow it to spread and thrive out of sight until the signs of its presence are undeniable. If you suspect mold growth, our team can offer a full inspection complete with environmental testing if necessary. 

Much like the other areas of our restoration services, our IICRC-Certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians get backed by the full-service team of general contractors. These competent professionals can help with controlled demolition, full-scale build back, and tasks like document drying and plumbing repair. With the combined efforts of our restoration professionals and our reconstruction team, we have a confident approach to make Atlantic City mold damage “Like it never even happened.” 

As challenging as choosing a restoration team might seem, you can always count on the experience and continued growth of our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton team. As a local reputable restoration company, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Give us a call today at (609) 965-0885.

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We Discuss Our InjectiDry System For Your Storm Damaged Atlantic City Home

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

Room with a pool of water and brown sofa sitting in the water. Whenever disaster strikes your home, you can count on our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help.

The InjectiDry System Helps Dampness in Atlantic City Homes

Structural cavities can sometimes absorb the most substantial amount of damage after flooding and massive water loss scenarios in Atlantic City homes. As much as property owners strive to provide their residences with the best possible drying and extraction efforts available, it becomes clear that professional restoration is often advisable. Our technicians have access to some of the leading equipment in the industry, including our InjectiDry System.

Water and flood damage in Atlantic City homes do not go away on their own, and the only suitable solution is to extract standing water and to dry out affected areas as efficiently as possible. Because of how widespread the migration of flooding can become, our professionals must utilize infrared imagery and other detection tools to identify the presence of moisture and dampness within structural cavities. We seek to avoid unnecessary tear out whenever possible, especially in Category 1 (Clean) or Category 2 (Gray) loss incidents.

Cavities can often benefit from the application of positive pressure systems, and at the forefront of this effort is our InjectiDry unit. We drill multiple holes behind removed baseboards at the bottom of walls to insert hoses into the cavities. This System forces air through these hoses to force moisture into the environment and out of the nearby materials. Once this process completes, we can seal up the holes made in the drywall and reapply the baseboard unless the sheetrock has suffered too much exposure and become structurally unsound.

If our technicians already must remove portions of drywall, we can fixate on our traditional drying approach with the combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. Once structural elements become exposed, our SERVPRO team can spray these areas with disinfectants and antimicrobials to reduce secondary effects and the spread of potential contaminants throughout the property.

As a premier restoration company serving a large portion of New Jersey, we understand the importance of effective and efficient equipment. When we must dry out wall cavities and ceiling spaces, we trust in our InjectiDry System to get it done. Whenever disaster strikes your home, you can count on our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help by calling (609) 965-0885.

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Structural Areas That Present Cleaning Difficulties After A Fire In Brigantine

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Structural Areas that Present Cleaning Difficulties after Fire Damage Affects a Brigantine Home

Cleaning up fire damage sites is a standard part of restoration efforts. Although such cleaning is generally challenging, some parts of the affected structure might prove tougher to clean than the rest. Knowing such parts in advance can help you make the necessary preparations. However, if a professional restorer such as SERVPRO is involved, every step of the cleaning process is handled correctly.

Lighting Fixtures
Some parts, such as ceilings bear the brunt of fire damage in affected Brigantine homes because smoke moves upwards. The ceiling, therefore, requires serious cleaning efforts to remove soot and other residues. Ceiling cleanup also involves cleaning lighting fixtures, which can present some challenges, including the risk of electric shock or the sanitizing agent ruining the finish of the fixture. Our SERVPRO technicians confirm that power is off and pre-test the cleaning solution before starting the process. For fixtures such as chandeliers, which include decorative trim, we use low-pressure steam cleaning or submerge the trim in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Concealed Areas
Flames from the fire might not reach every corner of your property. Smoke, on the other hand, spreads further through convectional currents leaving abundant deposits inside cabinets, attics and other concealed areas. In many cases, the interior parts of such areas are made of unfinished wood, which is difficult to clean. Access might also be limited in such areas. Our SERVPRO technicians use Dry Cleaning Sponge for residue removal. We also use denatured alcohol to deal with the remnants preventing the setting of residues into pores.

Cleaning the windows might seem easy, considering it is something done during regular house cleanups. However, after fire damage, the cleaning involves the frame and trims as well, and smoke residues tend to filter into every nook and cranny. The glass too can present problems, especially streaking. Our SERVPRO technicians spray specialized sanitizers containing ammonia on the glass and then use a squeegee to remove smoke residues. Once the ammonia evaporates, the remaining solution dries to a neutral pH, which eliminates streaking.

What may seem like a simple cleaning task can be difficult after fire incidents. Call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help manage the process. You can reach us at (609) 965-0885 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss The Type Of Emergency Services We Provide Against Commercial Fire Damage In Atlantic City

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

 Fire Burning Inside The Office “Like it never even happened.”

What Type Of Emergency Services Does SERVPRO Provide Against Commercial Fire Damage In Atlantic City?

No matter if you own a busy coffee shop, serene day spa, real estate office, or a multi-family complex, commercial fire damage needs fast cleanup, and your property needs protection from loss. One of the services a restoration company should provide is the protection of the structure during fire loss cleanup and reconstruction.

SERVPRO provides emergency services for Atlantic City businesses with commercial fire damage. The technicians work to prevent additional loss to the structure from smoke damage and ensure the work site is safe for individuals who enter the property.

Inspection and Securing of the Property
Before beginning cleanup of the fire loss in the property, an inspection to determine any potential safety issues caused by the fire damage to the structure. Unfortunately, after a fire, opportunistic individuals may attempt to remove items from the building. For this reason, the technicians erect security fences and secure the property to prevent any intrusions.

Loss of Electricity is Not an Issue
Another crucial element is access to electricity. SERVPRO technicians can bring their own generators to power their equipment, or they arrange for temporary electric service, so there are no delays in cleanup and restoration.

Coordinate Pack Out
This is especially crucial if only a portion of the property received fire damage. Moving items that have no fire damage out of the area to a safe location protects them from smoke residues and soot. Before packing, technicians inspect for mold and pests to ensure there are no issues such as cockroaches or active mold colonies that could travel with the items.

Arrange for Reconstruction After Mitigation
Using a single restoration services firm for both cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction needed on a fire damaged structure makes good sense. The people who do the cleaning know where the issues are that require repairing. SERVPRO has a general contractor license and offers that service to take some of the stress off of the property owner.

SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885 is ready to help local property owners with commercial fire damage. We know you need a fast and complete turnaround and with our equipment and specialized training, our technicians make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Why Safety is Important in Atlantic City Flood Water Removal

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in front of building Whether your water damage is large or small, you can trust the SERVPRO brand to quickly dry your home.

Understanding the Importance of Flood Removal to Residents of Atlantic City

Thousands of property owners require flood removal services from time to time. Flooding needs addressing as soon as it takes place; otherwise, one must contend with expensive repairs and replacements. It is advisable to let the experts perform the required restoration. Though, there are a few things that residents of Atlantic City can implement to mitigate the damage as they wait for professional help to arrive.

Assessing the safety of the structure should be the first step when conducting flood removal in your Atlantic City home. Some cases may make the structure unsafe to enter since the water may weaken the building. Make sure you shut off electrical supply to the building since submerged electronics and appliances may make one suffer an electrical shock. If the water has been in for over 24 hours, our SERVPRO team encourages you to wear a face mask to avoid breathing in mold spores. Fall and slip accidents are also common in such situations since the floor might be slippery and other items might shift when it floods.

Contaminants such as sewage are common in place flood water, which is why our SERVPRO technicians wear rubber boors when working at the site. If you need to do some of the restoration work by yourself, we advise you to have the necessary disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and tools. Not all cleaners suit all surfaces, so you need to know what is appropriate for your site. With the help of pumps, pails, and vacuums, you can remove standing water. All contaminated and soaked materials need removing from the structure.

After removing the water and thoroughly cleaning the affected surfaces, drying should be the next step. This process should be done as soon as possible to avoid moisture-related challenges such as mold growth and rotting. Where possible, you can open the windows and doors to enhance air circulation. Take wet furnishings and water-damaged furniture out of the house. You may also call our SERVPRO technicians to set in place dehumidifiers to eliminate excess moisture from indoor air and use fans to speed up the drying process.

SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton has highly trained personnel to attend to all types of emergencies and disasters. Call us at (609) 965-0885 to make your home or business "Like it never even happened."

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We Can Help You Prepare For Flood Damage Disaster In Atlantic City

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

flooded room with computer and furniture floating Call (609) 965-0885 today to set up your initial consultation.

Prepare For Flood Damage Disaster In Atlantic City, Partner with SERVPRO

Whether your Atlantic City business catches the final hurrah of a hurricane or a more localized storm turns on the water, flooding is a constant worry for entrepreneurs on the coast. To set your mind at ease in cases of extreme weather or other disasters consider working with us ahead of time to create a crisis preparedness plan. Although we cannot change the trajectory of a storm, we can make sure you are ready for its effects.

Nearly 50 Percent of Businesses Go Under Without a Preparedness Plan
Flood damage in Atlantic City is not an uncommon challenge. Rains, wind, and coastal flooding strike periodically, submerging the hopes and dreams of business owners who do not prepare. Our disaster response team is familiar with the challenges floodwaters bring to the shops, lodgings, and restaurants of America’s Playground. We can help you make decisions now that will make thriving after a flooding event possible.

First We Assess Your Operations
An experienced manager from SERVPRO visits your business, evaluating the physical layout, inventory and other storage decisions, and equipment vulnerabilities. We sketch out a blueprint of the space, take pictures, and locate essentials like utility shutoffs. All this information is digitized into a concise brief called an Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) our crews can assess if a disaster does strike.

Then We Recommend Adaptations
We make suggestions after the assessment intended to adapt configurations to minimize permanent damage if a flooding disaster occurs. Because of our experience, we can pinpoint potential pitfalls you can adapt or eliminate before the worst happens. SERVPRO also listens as you describe your operations, helping us help you discover ways you can continue to deliver goods and services to your customers even while we are restoring your commercial space after a flood.

Finally, You Add Details That Complete the Picture
Our mobile app permits you to add details in your personal Emergency Ready Profile (ERP). You can remind SERVPRO of priorities, list helpful contact information for vendors and contractors who designed your equipment and systems and designate employees or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are unavailable during a flood damage crisis.

Nominate SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to be your flood damage restoration company as you work with us on a detailed ERP. Call (609) 965-0885 today to set up your initial consultation.

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Why Do Brigantine Property Owners Rely On SERVPRO for Restoration Services?

8/24/2019 (Permalink)

Roof on fire and firefighters trying to put it out. After a fire to your Brigantine home you don't want to deal with the mess alone. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation help.

Streamlined Fire Damage Recovery in Brigantine: Why SERVPRO is the Clear Choice

A fire event is a sobering experience. Brigantine homeowners who are fire victims confront an overwhelming list of tasks while feeling extraordinarily vulnerable and unsure of next steps. Little time is available to consider options because fire residues are so corrosive and quick to destroy surfaces and contaminate air quality. Fire loss recovery is complicated and best conducted by trained professionals, why we are proud to offer our services.

Fire Damage Restoration Involves Many Steps

Fire damage in Brigantine must receive a thorough assessment from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified experts. Even if the harm seems minor, only a professional can determine the extent of the damage and create and implement a plan that halts progressive damage. Fire scenarios often include water damage as well. The potential complexity of the restoration is why a reliable and full-service restoration company needs to be on your side.

Mitigation, Remediation, and Restoration from One Provider

The availability of wrap-around, assessment to reconstruction, services is why SERVPRO is an excellent choice for fire-damaged residential property. Our general contractor license permits us to manage a fire damage project from assessment to “Like it never even happened.” You can be assured we have the equipment, experience, and training to complete every task using the restoration industry’s best practices. You save time and money when you do not need to seek and hire different contractors for each phase of the project.

Expect High-Quality and Professional Results

We cut no corners as we manage your fire damage, confident that our managers and technicians are the best in the business. Your project receives a thorough assessment, and each step is individualized to respond to the particular circumstances of your fire event. Wrap-around services do not mean one size fits all, why SERVPRO reports high levels of success and satisfaction from customers. Our water remediation, smoke and soot removal, and deodorization services each stand on its own as an example of the best in its niche. 

Our proficiency in everything from water removal to rebuilding is why SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton should be your fire damage restoration partner. Call us at (609) 965-0885 day or night, as soon as the firefighters authorize you to take the next step.

General Contractor License #: HIC #13VH05086500

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Our Experts Discuss How To Protect Your Atlantic City Home From Water Damage

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can lead to widespread flooding in your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

The Threats of a Wet Atlantic City Basement 

Wet basements present multiple layers of threats to Atlantic City residents. With so many homes featuring this subterranean level encased with concrete and masonry units, property owners are continually combatting excessive moisture and dampness in this lower level of their house. A powerful and frequent source of these situations is water leeching through blockwork and concrete flooring from the slow deterioration of these elements or through hydrostatic pressure in surrounding saturated earth. Both of these scenarios can be challenging to resolve without experience and the right products. 

Water damage in Atlantic City basements is a compromising situation for the entire household, as moisture concerns can continually worsen until it has affected the supports and subflooring of the main level of the property. With wood joists and beams being the foundation for the entire home, protecting these structural elements from degradation and deterioration is critical. This response can not only better protect the property and its occupants, but can also help to save money on the costs of restoration. Our SERVPRO professionals have the skills and expertise to help. 

Among the chief concerns with a wet basement is the development of mold. Colonies can flourish within 2-3 days of persistent moist, dark, and poorly ventilated conditions. Our SERVPRO professionals can work to reduce the presence of these colonies by spraying antimicrobial agents to coat surfaces and eliminate mold spores. If seepage continues to be a threat to this lower level, our professionals might also recommend the installation of sump pumps or other water and moisture regulating tools. 

Material degradation is another primary concern with a wet basement, and one that many homeowners might not know how to remedy on their own. The technicians we dispatch to your property understand how a more significant breach in your blockwork or concrete can lead to widespread flooding in the right conditions, so we meticulously inspect the basement for any cracks and penetration points and repair them through multiple approaches including the application of hydraulic cement. 

You cannot hope to contend with a wet basement if you do not know that you have one. The first line of defense for your home is you, and our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton team is standing by to help however you need. Give us a call at (609) 965-0885.

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When Your Brigantine Fast Food Restaurant Has A Mold Damage Issue, Let Our Experts Help!

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Whenever mold gets discovered, you can count on our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help.

Contending With Mold Damage In Brigantine Fast Food Restaurants

While you might have already contended with another variety of mold when an unobservant employee in your Brigantine restaurant neglected to utilize older buns and bread products, commercial mold growth that develops harmful colonies can be much more threatening to your business model. The facilitation of structural mold presents a health risk for your employees and your customers, and without the appropriate containment protocols taken immediately, you can find yourself unable to keep your doors open once the health department and EPA get involved.

Knowing how to identify mold damage in your Brigantine restaurant is critical to ensuring that the right precautionary measures happen right away. Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24/7 response to these emergencies, arriving with multiple Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) endorsed by both the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI.) This experience in light of a damaging situation is precisely what your restaurant needs to keep its doors open.

Our SERVPRO team has containment equipment, materials, and protocols that can entirely quarantine affected areas of your restaurant. While there are no guarantees that the damage is not too widespread before our team arrives to prevent the continued running of the location until remediation completes, our technicians understand how costly shutting your doors can be and do whatever we can to prevent this.

The remediators can utilize specialized equipment like soda blasting to help clean damaged surfaces and to remove mold colonization from walls in the kitchen area of the restaurant without damaging the substrate. With many of these walls constructed of either hard plastic sheeting and plywood, metal, or conventional sheetrock, having a system that is not destructive to the hosting material is vital to getting your business up and running again quickly.

We have established relationships with testing facilities to offer post-remediation safety analysis for your restaurant to sate the interests of the health department and the parental company. Whenever mold gets discovered, you can count on our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help. Give our professionals a call anytime at (609) 965-0885.

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Atlantic City Flood Damage Remediation Doesn’t Have to Be Dealt With Alone

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Storm and flood damage in Atlantic City can really make the clean up extremely difficult. Contact SERVPRO for remediation assistance.

Preparing for Flood Damage to Impact Atlantic City

Considering that many residents of Atlantic City have already seen the disastrous effects of hurricanes and other severe weather conditions, it is crucial to have an emergency plan in place. As simple as you might think that these organizational efforts seem, preparation now can save you from panic and confusion when contending with widespread natural disasters like flood damage. 

While emergency plans are a critical part of living in flood damage prone Atlantic City and other coastal communities, many residents do not fully understand what they are to include or how to begin the process. At SERVPRO, we have seen the damage that storms can do and how much worse the situation can become for those unprepared for what is coming, so we encourage everyone to develop their own plan for any flooding situation and hurricane strength storm system passing through the area. 

Developing an emergency plan means following a designed system that keeps you and your family safe as you vacate the premises until the storm and elevated risks have passed. There are specific items every plan should have, including: 

  • A secure location where your family sets to meet should disaster strike when members of the family are not at home. 
  • A chosen individual responsible for collecting valuables and irreplaceable keepsakes from the home before you vacate. 
  • Another occupant that can ensure that services like water have gotten shutoff to prevent even costlier damages occurring while you are out of the house. 
  • Putting together a care bag that has at least one clean outfit for each family member, food, provisions, toiletries, and other necessities in case of temporary displacement in disaster relief shelter in the city.  

Knowing what to do in an emergency is much easier when your entire family has rehearsed their role in averting the crisis. Our SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton professionals can be there when it is time to pick up the pieces, but until then, take care of your household with a plan. When you want to make storm and flood damage “Like it never even happened,” give our team a call at (609) 965-0885.

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