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Unaddressed Flood Damage is a Threat to Hamilton Township Homes

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

flooded out laundry room SERVPRO has the man power and equipment for any size flood damage. Call us 24/7 365 days a year.

Restoration Services in Hamilton Township Mitigate Loss After a Storm

Storms can be nothing more than a nuisance, but sometimes they bring a significant cadre of problems for homeowners. How you handle them and who you enlist to help can make all the difference between it being merely an anecdote or becoming the bane of your existence. Understanding that stormwater carries debris and pollutants into your home and that they need to be handled by professionals is the first step in a successful restoration process.

In Hamilton Township, flood damage restoration services are our specialty at SERVPRO. We focus on mitigating your losses while applying a framework focused on safety and efficiency. When our certified water restoration technicians dedicate their time to your home, we seek to restore whenever possible, including your hardwood floors. These are some of the steps we might take-

  • Utilize a wand extractor to remove excess water
  • Remove a few planks and utilize drying mats to vacuum out the water
  • Apply EPA-approved anti-microbial solutions

Let SERVPRO of Atlantic City/Hamilton/ Hammonton weather the storm with you. Call us at (609) 965-0885 and let our expert team take charge.

Atlantic City Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician at the fire department SERVPRO has expert technicians for any size fire damaged home. They are trained and certified fort he job.

Relax and enjoy Atlantic City's Entertainment, including Fireworks

Atlantic City is known worldwide for its iconic Boardwalk, casinos, and reputation. Every time someone plays the traditional U.S. version of Monopoly, they become better acquainted with the streets of "A.C.," generally considered prime real estate in New Jersey. Incorporated as a city in 1854, its first hotel was built a year earlier, ready for train service arrival. As early as 1874, nearly half a million people were visiting the city and enjoying its amenities.

Many attribute the success of Atlantic City to Dr. Jonathan Pitney, also known as "The Father of Atlantic City." Pitney's vision was to develop the area as a health destination to which railroad access was essential. As a result, the railroad was built with Samuel Richards' help, and the first Atlantic City boardwalk was built in 1870. Over time, the Boardwalk became longer and wider-reaching, about seven miles before it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1944. Water not fire damaged the Boardwalk.

The 20th century marked a period of growth for Atlantic City, where large hotels and homes were built. It is common knowledge that during the Prohibition, liquor and gambling continued to rise in A.C. while allowing racketeering and contraband to flourish. During this time, Nucky Johnson amassed power, mainly due to the kickbacks he received from the illicit activities in the city and the construction industry.

Even today, Atlantic City is known for its vibrant nightlife, but it also has suffered ups and downs. After World War II, crime and corruption became the norm, and the city's economy declined significantly. Many of the original grand structures were demolished and absorbed by hotel chains. In the 1970s, the legalization of gambling gave way to the Boardwalk's resurgence, even though poverty still prevailed, providing a stark contrast to the tourists flocking into the city.

Visitors and residents of New Jersey can visit Atlantic City year-round for a strong lineup of entertainment. Concerts and performances anchor your time in A.C. while restaurants and casinos provide hours of unparalleled experiences. Families are also welcome and can select activities on the Boardwalk and beyond. Some options for families include-

  • Atlantic City Aquarium
  • African American Heritage Museum of Southern NJ
  • Atlantic City Cruises
  • Beach and Ocean Activities

Whether you have a few hours or a full weekend, Atlantic City is like no other place in the world. Make a plan to visit as soon as you can.

Looking after Your Fire Damaged Atlantic City Home

As homeowners, we focus on our places' general upkeep by investing in landscaping, painting, and other repairs. However, every so often, an incident occurs that goes above and beyond what we can handle ourselves. For example, fire damage in a kitchen can escalate and allow soot to travel through the home and leave the smell of smoke lingering in the air. 

SERVPRO answers the call for Soot and Smoke Cleanup

When a property needed fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO and allow us to provide our expert service to restore your home. Upon arrival, you should expect the following-

  • A full assessment of the fire damage and mitigation of cross-contamination
  • Water extraction and drying services with industry-grade equipment, if needed
  • Application of EPA-approved cleaning solutions tailored to each surface
  • Restored healthy IAQ indoor air quality using scrubbers and foggers

SERVPRO of Atlantic City/Hamilton/Hammonton is a phone call away. Call us at (609) 965-0885 and let our expert team remove the memories of fire damage and make your home feel "Like it never even happened."

Remove Moisture and Lower Humidity Before Mold Growth Appears

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Mold spreads quickly when the conditions are right. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage in your home.

When you need mold removal companies, call SERVPRO. 

Mold growing on walls or inside cavities produces millions of spores circulating within our homes and buildings if left untreated. Mold spores in high concentrations may cause health effects.

Mold removal companies like SERVPRO in Hamilton Township provide moisture removal and drying cleanup, and mold treatment services. Mold spores are 4 microns in diameter and can penetrate most surfaces. Molds use organic materials as a food source, which includes just about everything in your home, including:

  • Structural elements
  • Wood
  • Paper, drywall
  • Insulation
  • Natural fibers and
  • Indoor dirt

Mold infestations can grow into colonies in 24 to 48 hours in warm moist environments typically available in your home or business, especially after a water leak. SERVPRO recommends taking immediate action to control and dry all areas of your home after a water leak, especially those hard to reach areas to prevent mold growth.

Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton for mold removal companies providing service to Hamilton township residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (609) 965-0885.

Why Did Some of My Furniture and Cupboards Swell?

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Swollen wood Cupboards Don't let moisture take over your home. If your see evidence of water damage in your home, don't wait, call SERVPRO right away for assistance.

SERVPRO provides fast response for water damage in Hamilton Township

Water can enter a home or a commercial building in several ways, causing damage to the contents and the structure if not removed quickly. The most common sources of water are:

Broken or cracked water pipes

Appliances malfunctioning

Broken windows, doors, and even the roof caused by storms


Whenever water enters your Hamilton Township home, significant water damage can occur if the water and moisture are not immediately removed. The amount of damage only increases the longer water or even high humidity is left in place. Various wood products react differently to water as they absorb moisture and swell. For example:

Hardwood floors swelling may cause cupping or crowning

Wood products such as particleboard and plywood swell and lose structural integrity

Laminated flooring may swell quickly

The finish on furniture constructed from particleboard may prevent water from penetrating

Your SERVPRO team can respond quickly and focus on items most sensitive to water damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton for water damage service to Hamilton township residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (609) 965-0885.

Recovering from a Fire in Atlantic City

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo A fire can happen at any time. Contact SERVPRO for fire damage remediation services.

Call SERVPRO when you have fire damage in Atlantic City.

While Atlantic City has a storied history, with economic turmoil, significant weather events, and long sandy beaches, the city has maintained a reputation of being known as the world's playground. Developers have viewed the islands and marshlands as prime real estate for a resort town. The first hotel was constructed in 1853; train service began in 1854, connecting Philadelphia, bringing over 500,000 passengers a year to the seaside resort town.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is known as a vacation destination with many hotels and businesses supporting tourism. The town's first boardwalk was built in 1870 and continues to this day. The boardwalk has gone through many alterations as it grew with the city and weathered many storms, hotel fires, and business evolution. The Atlantic City boardwalk runs approximately seven miles from Atlantic City to Longport as it passes Ventnor and Margate.

The boardwalk is possibly the largest attraction in Atlantic City, next to the sandy beaches and hotels. Atlantic City built several piers with entertainment, rides, and food outlets. On the boardwalk's landside are all of the small businesses, restaurants, hotels, and casinos. Tourists can rent bicycles early in the morning to experience the boardwalk's entire length or visit restaurants in a neighboring city. Thousands of people stroll the boardwalk all day long, taking in the sights and sounds, visiting the casinos and the beach.

Atlantic City Casinos

New Jersey residents approved legalized gambling in 1974, ushering in expansion and an era of construction and a renewal for Atlantic City. The first casino opened in 1978 and grew to over 12 casinos employing 33,000 people by 2011. Since 2012, Atlantic City casinos have seen a decline in revenue due to an economic downturn in the US and legalized gambling in adjacent and nearby states. There have been several casinos that have declared bankruptcy, restructured, and downsized. At the current time, nine casinos are operating in the area.

Attractions and Activities in Atlantic City

Aside from the beach, the boardwalk, and the casinos, there are many other things to do in the area. There are:

Several museums,

Shopping at Tangier Outlets,

Concerts and shows,

Boat tours,

Various parks and

Many activities on the water such as parasailing, surfing, fishing, and much more.

Atlantic City remains a destination for many tourists.

Can Odors from Fires Be Treated?

Even small fires that are contained quickly and extinguished can produce a large amount of smoke and residue that causes odors. Every fire is different; however, unless you remove the odor's cause, clean and seal surfaces, residents may persistently notice a distinct smell in their homes or businesses.

We train our SERVPRO team to identify sources of odors both inside and outside a structure. They follow a time-proven process to remove persistent odors.

Removal of all sources of odor

Clean and sanitize all surfaces

Track the flow of smoke residue throughout the structure for deodorization

Apply odor removal products to neutralize unpleasant odors thoroughly

Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton for fire damage service to Atlantic City and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (609) 965-0885.

January Exhibitions at the Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) in Hamilton Township

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Sculpture of a young girl SERVPRO artfully mitigates storm damage to your Hamilton Township Home!

A Celebration of Bruce Beasley's LifeWorks Kicks Off at Hamilton Township's GFS this January.

Bruce Beasley is a world-renowned abstract artist that was born in Los Angeles in the mid-twentieth century. His works typically rely on impressionist principles using structures made from steel, bronze, glass, and iron. In January next year, the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton Township is celebrating sixty years of Beasley's sculptural works. Although guided tours can be booked to gain a greater insight into the workings of this significant sculptural artist, Admissions are free. The exhibition also features some of the artist's latest works made using stainless steel and bronze and collages in the on-site museum.

  • The opening times range from 10 am to 6 pm. The GFS is a non-profit ground that opens to the public daily and offers tours of the art pieces and historic sites.
  • Some nights the park remains open for a more extended period until 9 pm.
  • Reserve tickets for this sculptural celebration by visiting the GFS website

Groundwater flooding typically occurs during periods of heavy rainfall. Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 293-3506 for urgent assistance.

Experience the Vintner Wonderland in Atlantic City this Christmas

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

bottle of wine on table Don't Let Stormy Weather Interfere with Your Wine Tasting and Ice Skating in Atlantic City--Says SERVPRO

Renault Winery Resort in Atlantic City Celebrates Christmas Season in Style

The annual Vintner Wonderland event is going ahead as scheduled this year at the Renault Winery Resort. The latest addition to this annual fair is the huge outdoor ice rink suitable for all ages from December 21st until the end of February. Alongside the new ice rink is the traditional fair, including horse-driven carriage rides, a shopping and food court as well as sit-downs with Santa. The vineyard here is in one of New Jersey's oldest buildings and is listed on the Register of Historic Places. Despite remaining a wine-making center, the area became a resort in the early 2000s with the opening of a premier golf course. Each year the resort opens to the public with its traditionally themed Vintner Wonderland.

  • Tickets for ice skating are recommended to be booked in advance but suitable for all ages.
  • Outdoor dining and live entertainment take place throughout the days, and schedules can be checked online.
  • The outdoor shopping experience features unique gifts and boutiques for those looking to do some late Christmas shopping.

Protecting your home after a damaging flood relies strongly on removing standing water. Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 293-3506.

Water Intrusion Can Adversely Affect Your Hamilton Township Home.

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO parked box truck SERVPRO can extract the water from your Hamilton Township property while you attend your night class at Princeton.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Help Hamilton Township Residents Recover Damaged Items and Restore their Home.

Along the southern border of New Jersey lies Hamilton Township. The collection of villages has a complicated relationship with its neighboring areas. It is a part of New York State's metropolitan area but, by bordering Philadelphia, has a market area that belongs to Philadelphia's federal market area. The township has a burgeoning population of 88,464 residents who take advantage of its proximity to both New York and Philadelphia for commuting purposes. Hamilton encompasses one of the largest townships in New Jersey but is split into several smaller commercial districts, including Hamilton Square, Groveville, and Yardville. The plurality of retail centers allows residents to find unique cuisines and destinations within the broader township and ensures many districts find resorts, cheap hotels, and nightlife.

There are four Seasons Here!

The humid continental climate, unfortunately, leads to much rain throughout the year. However, the high precipitation levels are somewhat offset by the long hot summers tourists and residents enjoy.

Hamilton is perhaps best known for the nearby ivy-league university, Princeton. Situated just ten miles north of Hamilton, students from some of the township's Blue Ribbon schools make the journey alongside academically gifted students from all over the United States. Princeton has a world-renowned reputation and is one of the oldest universities in the US. Each year 10,000 undergraduates stay on the campus and work toward academic excellence. The importance of this ivy league school comes in no small part to its Nobel prize-winning alumni. Altogether Princeton has links to over 40 Nobel laureates. It has also been a school for US presidents, with James Madison and Woodrow Wilson attending in their younger years. Ranked as one of the top ten universities globally, Princeton has a close connection to Hamilton Township with some iconic architecture, designed by luminaries like Frank Gehry.

  • Hamilton Township offers a heady mix of contemporary art and culture. The Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) along Sculptors Way is a non-profit organization that provides 42 acres of ground breaking pieces and an arboretum. Seward Johnson, a seminal twentieth-century artist, founded the park in 1992, which opens to hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts each year.
  • The Sayen Botanical Gardens just off Hamilton Square boasts 30 acres of kept flora and fauna and provides a unique experience for history aficionados. The annual Azalea festival hosted at the garden offers guests an ephemeral visual experience of 250,000 flowering bulbs, witnessed by wandering along with the landscaped gardens, fountains, and bridges.
  • The Kuser Mansion is an eye-opening experience for those interested in late nineteenth-century architecture. Guided tours, movie nights, and educational programs occur throughout the year to continue Hamilton's rich history and tradition. The 22-acre space plays host to the annual winter wonderland fair, which features family fun alongside lighting the Christmas tree and fireworks.

Food, Drink, and Entertainment in Hamilton Township, NJ.

Some excellent restaurants dotted around Hamilton Township provide culinary treats to rival anything found in nearby Philadelphia or New York. Alongside the assortment of fine-dining venues, there is also a wealth of unique entertainment options that celebrate the personality of this New Jersey Township.

  • Two restaurants that stand out are the Malaga Restaurant on Lalor Street and Rat's Restaurant on Fairground Road. The first features a delicious blend of Spanish seafood tapas served as a lunchtime buffet or for sit-down meals in the evening. Malaga is ideally located nearby to the Grounds for Sculpture. Rat's Restaurant is a fine-dining experience serving a classic French menu.
  • For entertainment, Hamilton offers a range of high-octane to slightly oddball activities for visitors and residents. Bury the Hatchet is a venue that celebrates the Canadian tradition of ax throwing. The sport is very similar to darts except with axes, while the friendly staff is more than happy to help teach and train new players. Classes for throwing run in the mornings, and guests can then enter an ax-throwing tournament after training.
  • Legendary Exotics allows guests to drive a range of exotic super cars, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The one-time tours are ideal for birthday presents or groups and allow guests to experience life behind the wheel of some of the most exclusive automobiles in the world. Typical tours run from the in-house track and pre-plotted routes.

SERVPRO Can Help Hamilton Township Residents to Overcome Water Intrusion Using Industrial Extraction Equipment

Water intrusion can cause havoc in a home environment. The presence of moisture cause materials to warp and disintegrate. There is also a microbial issue that can deteriorate quickly, creating an unsanitary environment. The most effective means of mitigating against water loss damages is to extract excess moisture and dry the ground. Incomplete drying can be the number one cause of secondary damage like mold growth. SERVPRO technicians can assess the moisture level in your home using a range of psychrometric equipment. Understanding how water migrates from the entry point throughout the home is essential to evaluate restoration scope thoroughly. Water migration can lead to moisture becoming trapped inside cavities of a building's assembly. These issues can affect your home's structural integrity, become unsanitary, or lead to mold growth and organic matter rotting. Our technicians work hard to ensure that your home undergoes comprehensive drying to limit losses.

  • We can utilize a range of portable and truck-mounted extraction equipment to transport excess water out of your home quickly. Where there is significant standing water, our technicians can deploy powerful electric submersible pumps to shift moisture.
  • Our measuring equipment includes sensors, probes, and thermal imaging cameras. By detecting heat transference patterns, we can accurately predict water migration into cavities without having to remove parts of the building assembly.
  • Cleaning services are included within the restoration and can help to reduce the overall expense of your claim. Chemical agents are useful in controlling potential secondary damage and in returning your home to its preloss condition.

Returning property to “Like it never even happened,” condition requires patience and understanding. Contact SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 293-3193 now.

The Fire Is Out--Holiday Fun On Atlantic City Streets

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Santa riding a bike SERVPRO puts out the fire in your Atlantic City Home's chimney--but you supply the cookies and milk for Santa!

Calling All Atlantic City Santas

On December 3rd, the Annual Atlantic City Santa Run will hit the community. It is a great way to recover from Thanksgiving, have some outdoor (mostly) fun, and inject a little personal sunshine (i.e. drinking) into what some people are calling a ‘dark winter’.

From 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the streets will be filled with Santas running, biking, scootering, and otherwise making their way around town for charity. It is $10 to enter, and all entrants must be 21 or older and bring in at least one new, unwrapped toy for kids. Prizes are handed out for the best Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes and all participants get a fun, souvenir mask.

Running Groups

You can choose where you want to start with these options:

  • Group 1: Vagabond to Ducktown to Wonder Bar
  • Group 2: Wonder Bar to Vagabond to Ducktown
  • Group 3: Ducktown to Wonder Bar to Vagabond

So stay healthy, and be a part of our Atlantic City community! If a holiday accident finds you needing fire damage removal in your home, call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885.

Planning Meetings Scheduled in Hamilton Township

11/28/2020 (Permalink)

Hamilton Township fire department image When the firefighters depart, SERVPRO arrives for fire damage cleanup in Hamilton Township

Help Plan Hamilton Township’s Growth for 2021

On December 9th, Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) is holding a planning meeting on the direction of the community in the coming year. It begins at 7:00 pm and any workshops or special meetings required to complete goals will be scheduled and held that night if required.

Location and Future Meetings

All planning meetings are held at the Municipal Complex on 6101 Thirteenth Street in Mays Landing. Unless otherwise notified on the Hamilton Township website, all meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Cancellations are published only through the Hamilton Township website, so hopeful attendees need to check there in case of changes due to pandemic requirements, bad weather, or other problems.

Every Hamilton Township home can suffer from a disaster. It is why SERVPRO should be the first choice for fire and odor elimination. To schedule an inspection or to start work, call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885 to preserve your residence.