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Do You Know What Problems You Are Likely To Face After Flood Damage?

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

damaged carpet and subfloor When a storm hits home and you have no idea who to call. SERVPRO is the team to hire for all of your storm damage restoration services.

SERVPRO can Complete Flood Damage Remediation in Atlantic City Homes 

Flooding is a severe problem that can disrupt your daily activities and leave costly damages that you must fix to restore the property to its preloss state. Knowing the issues, you are likely to face, we can help you create a better response plan. Relying on professional restoration companies in Atlantic City helps because we have trained crews that have handled similar situations many times.

The problems you face after flood damage in Atlantic City depend on the intensity of the incident and the materials in your home. Wooden floors, especially in kitchen or dining areas, may offer you convenience in your daily activities but can be the source of long-term problems after a flooding incident hits your home. Wood naturally contains about 10% moisture, but a flooding incident can drive these levels higher as the water permeates the surface. This leads to the expansion of individual planks, which causes buckling at the joints. Our SERVPRO technicians strive to extract any standing water fast. We also start drying procedures immediately to prevent long-term problems.

Other areas of your house may be carpeted, and this has some implications too. Floodwaters contain significant levels of contaminants, including biohazards and dangerous chemicals. Highly porous materials such as carpets and pads absorb and hold these contaminants. Cleaning may remove visible soils, but it is not possible to rid the carpet of all contaminants. Our SERVPRO technicians remove carpet and pad to guarantee the safety of the occupants.

Sometimes problems may remain hidden long after the flooding incident is over. If you have tiles over a wooden underlayment, you might not realize a problem since the tiles form a seemingly sound barrier against water. However, some of the water might pass through joints to the subfloor, where it can cause deterioration and warping. One sign that can alert you of the problem is increased squeaking. Our SERVPRO technicians use advanced moisture detection tools such as FLIR thermal cameras to identify wetness in concealed areas preventing such problems in the future.

After a flooding incident, to address current and future problems, call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton to help. You can reach us at (609) 965-0885 any time.

Our Team Has The Training And Experience To Help You Recover From Fire Damage In Atlantic City

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

open flames A fire can be overwhelming, SERVPRO will be there every step of the way when it comes to fire damage restoration services for your home.

Why Professional Fire Damage Remediation is Necessary for Atlantic City Homes

When a fire breaks out in your Atlantic City home, the shock and worry can be overwhelming. Getting your family to a safe place is crucial and letting professionals extinguish the fire is the safest course. After the firefighters leave, cleanup needs to proceed immediately. Even a small fire can spread residues throughout your dwelling, and the soot and smoke are hard to manage. We can help.

Recovering from fire damage to your Atlantic City home requires training and experience the average homeowner does not possess. Our crews of Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians master basic to advanced concepts during IICRC training, preparing them to respond quickly and appropriately to your fire damage. We also invest in state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and products that speed the recovery process.

Often the first step of fire damage remediation is water and chemical removal due to the firefighting efforts. Safety considerations like electrical shock and slip and fall hazards make this phase necessary. In addition, unaddressed water damage is as devastating as the harm done by the fire. SERVPRO employees hold multiple certifications from the IICRC. Water removal and structural drying are well within our expertise.

Next comes an evaluation by the SERVPRO crew chief of the type of soiling caused by the fire and the best methods to remove it. Soot consists of the remnants of incompletely combusted materials and varies depending on the fire’s fuel source. Ashy residues from paper and wood vacuum up and respond well to dry sponging. Plastics and fabrics leave a thicker, sticky coating that needs agitation and cleansers with wetting agents and surfactants to loosen.

Protein-based soot is nearly colorless but highly odorous. Food and grease fires deposit this hard to dislodge residue that might need solvents and abrasives for the best outcome. SERVPRO service vehicles stock a wide range of tools and products we match to the type of soiling we find after your household fire.

Let the experts at SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton assist with the challenges of fire damage remediation in your home. Experienced project managers are available for consultations 24/7 by calling (609) 965-0885.

Can SERVPRO Help Clear Flood Damage from My Home in Hamilton Township?

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet ready 24/7 365 days a year Flood damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for the help you need.

SERVPRO’s Water Clean Up Services After a Flood in Hamilton Township

Flood damage in our area can be widespread, affecting many homes and businesses. The storms bring in heavy rain, high winds, and flooding that inundates neighborhoods. It is important to begin flood restoration operations as soon as possible to reduce primary and secondary water damage before further damage occurs.

That’s why SERVPRO offers flood damage restoration services in Hamilton Township and has the resources to respond to the flood situation. We have extensive resources within our franchise; however, we can call over 1700 Franchises across the country for assistance when catastrophic events occur.

SERVPRO will respond in less than 4 hours from your initial call and has resources available to respond 24/7 to your emergency services water damage event. SERVPRO offers the following services:

  • Water Clean Up
  • Leaking Roof from Storms including board up and tarpaulin service
  • Water damage repairs

Call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton for flood damage in Hamilton Township and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (609) 965-0885.

Protection of Documents and Computer Equipment During Atlantic City Commercial Water Removal

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

Papers on desk; hands of business people shown as they review documents Water damaged documents are devastating for a business. But don't worry! Call SERVPRO! There are many techniques we can try for restoration.

SERVPRO Techs Take Special Care with Atlantic City Commercial Water Clean Up

There can be numerous concerns going into a business that needs restoration services. SERVPRO techs communicate with the property owner to determine areas within the worksite that are a priority, such as:

  • Important documents 
  • Expensive computer equipment.
  • Data centers and networking devices

When commercial water removal happens in Atlantic City businesses, SERVPRO technicians work on extracting the water and removing personal items that could incur damage from the elevated humidity. Essential papers and files are a crucial part of most organizations. Even though many businesses utilize cloud storage and data center backups, most also have paper files with vital information for daily operations. When this paperwork has gotten wet, it is not necessarily that it needs disposal. SERVPRO techs have training in handling and restoring documents. 

The techs rely on the same methods that the Library of Congress utilizes for historical documents: freeze-drying. The vacuum-freeze-drying equipment used by SERVPRO is the exclusive method approved by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the General Services Administration (GSA) for document preservation.

In cases where computer equipment has been exposed to moisture, the technicians can arrange for an industry expert to inspect the units before reuse to ensure they are operational and safe to use.

SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885 stands ready for commercial water removal services in Atlantic City businesses.

Hamilton Township Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Commercial Mold Removal Services

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

carpet being pulled back to reveal mold; mold also growing on wall Mold can quickly spread. Inspect for signs of leaks and mold often, and call SERVPRO for mold remediation.

SERVPRO Recommends Proactive Tactics for Avoiding Mold Damage in Hamilton Township Properties

Mold spores are present inside and outside of structures. These microscopic particles harmlessly float until they encounter ideal conditions for germination. If there are conditions that sustain the mold, such as:

  • Humidity over 50%
  • Consumables
  • Temperatures averaging 70-degrees Fahrenheit

One of the top ways to lessen the chances of needing commercial mold removal in Hamilton Township business properties is to perform regular inspections of the property. Once a month, look over the interior and exterior. Mold frequently begins where there are leaks, so checking under cabinets in break rooms and around sinks in bathrooms is an excellent starting place. The exterior can have roof leaks or damaged soffits allowing water to enter. These situations can set up a perfect environment for mold growth. 

Taking the time to do regular inspections can assist with avoiding having to shut down a business for mold remediation. SERVPRO techs can handle any size mold damage issue and arrange for testing to determine the type of mold affecting the property. 

SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885 supports local property owners with commercial mold removal services in Hamilton Township buildings.

Hamilton Township Residents Get Better Results from Water Restoration Companies After Damage

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

water puddled on hardwood floor; damaged hardwood floors Water can quickly ruin floors, ceilings, and drywall. Call SERVPRO is available 24/7 to restore your home.

SERVPRO Serves Hamilton Township with Professional Water Cleanup

Hamilton Township has been ranked repeatedly in the top twenty safest cities in the United States. The town has numerous natural areas for both locals and visitors to enjoy. 

Visiting Veterans Park in Hamilton Township

One of New Jersey's largest recreational parks is Veterans Park, which spans 350-acres within Hamilton Township. The park holds Mercer Lake, which is one of the biggest human-made lakes in the state. The lake was designed as part of a federal flood control project to prevent flood damage along Assunpink Creek. 

Venue for Sculpture Lovers and Garden Fans

Another interesting destination for art lovers in Hamilton Township is The Grounds for Sculpture. This open-air exhibition is a sculpture park situated on 42-acres. The grounds have more than 270 sculptures, gardens, water features, and a host of scenic beauty views to take in. 

The Sayen Park Botanical Garden is a municipal park and botanical garden that has been at the center of controversy in recent years. The park, named for Frederick Sayen, opened on land owned by his family. The garden began when the Sayen family built a bungalow and displayed their collection of plant species from their travels to China, Japan, and England. The site became municipal property in 1988 when Hamilton Township purchased it. Before reopening the expanded garden as a municipal park in 1991, it was disclosed that an anonymous source warned state officials about pollution at the garden site. The source said that the area had been used as a dumping ground for:

  • Waste chemicals
  • Manufacturing debris 
  • A pipe that ran underground carried toxic waste runoff to a nearby stream

For years, this situation mostly came from the Mercer Rubber Company, a business owned by the Sayen family. Investigators concluded the pollution charge had merit and identified a potential cancer cluster within one mile of the garden. The EPA became involved in the cleanup of the site to make it a safe place for visitors.

The Benefits of Using Water Restoration Companies That Can Also Repair Hamilton Township Homes

After an event occurs that requires Hamilton Township property owners to call in the help of water restoration companies, this type of home disaster can feel overwhelming enough without the hassle of locating, vetting, and hiring a contractor to handle the repairs to the home. Common repairs to local properties that experience water damage include:

  • Ceiling repairs from leaks
  • Installation of new flooring
  • Inspection to assure the house is structurally sound
  • Replacement of ruined sheetrock

This SERVPRO location has a general contractor license HIC #13VH05086500. The techs can perform any repairs necessary to return the home to a normal state. Many homeowners turn the water damage situation into a positive and choose to update their homes with new additions or paint colors to bring a new look to their property. When the water mitigation efforts complete, the damage from the water will be "Like it never even happened."

Hamilton Township residents trust SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885 as their go-to choice among water restoration companies.

What Happens to Wooden Hotel Floors after Fire Damage?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged wood flooring Fire damage done to your commercial building can be hazardous. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment to have your building back up and running.

SERVPRO helps Atlantic City hoteliers with fire damage clean up

Many hoteliers know that wooden floors, especially traditional hardwood floors, lend an elegant ambiance to a hotel and are often a talking point with guests. 

If you are concerned about the fire damage to your Atlantic City hotel, call SERVPRO. We train our teams to assess the damage and design the ideal course of action to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to smoke damage, as their porous surface lets the smoke particles in. Do not despair, however, as there is hope:

  • In some cases, we can simply brush, wipe and vacuum away the soot.
  • We use industry-standard cleaning products to remove soot and restore luster.
  • If the wood floor got wet due to fire-fighting, we can test for moisture and carefully dry the area.

Timing is vital. The sooner we arrive, the better the chance of restoring the floor before the damage gets worse. Please do not delay. 

If you are concerned about the fire damage to the wooden floors in your hotel, call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton immediately at (609) 965-0885.

Where To Look for Flood Damage after a Storm in Atlantic City?

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

standing in pool of water in home. Flood damage done to your home is no easy task. Call the team of IICRC certified techs from SERVPRO for the flood mitigation services needed.

Give your Atlantic City home a once-over with SERVPRO.

Do you check your home after storms and floods? You might assume that flood problems will immediately show up as apparent puddles on your floor, but that is not always the case.

If you are concerned about flood damage to your Atlantic City home after a storm, SERVPRO advises a walk-through of your home. As well as apparent puddles of water, look for signs such as:

  • Sagging or swollen-looking ceilings.
  • Streaks or patches of water on the floor, ceilings, or walls.
  • Wet beams or damp insulation in the attic.
  • Water drips or a smell of sewage around the plumbing.

If you see signs of flood damage, call SERVPRO. We can pump out excess water and dry, clean, and deodorize your belongings. We can also oversee structural repairs such as replacing roof shingles or installing new insulation. We can clean everything from your home’s structure to your favorite family knickknacks – no job is too big or too small.

Are you worried about signs of flood damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885.

The Importance of Thorough Fire Damage Restoration in Hamilton

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

soot damage wall and ceiling Fire damage remediation should be handled by a team of pros. SERVPRO techs are IICRC certified for any size job necessary for your home.

SERVPRO helps Hamilton Township homes with House Fire Cleanup

Hamilton is a township of 88,464 residents that sits within the New York Metropolitan area. Being so close to New York means there is always plenty to see and do near Hamilton. However, the township has its own charm, and there is plenty of history to explore here.

Hamilton has a rich history, and you will find several historic buildings here. Early settlers in Hamilton were farmers, shipbuilders, tailors, and wheelwrights. Dutch and Swedish settlers built homes in what would become Hamilton in the late 17th century. Captain George May purchased land in the area in the mid-eighteenth century and set up a shipyard and trading post. By 1778 locals called the area Mays Landing. The addition of ironworks boosted the town’s fortune, and in 1842 local government incorporated it as Hamilton Township.

See the historic buildings of Hamilton Township.

With such a long history, it is not surprising that there are several historically exciting buildings in Hamilton Township. Be sure to stop and see:

  • The Isaac Watson House is the oldest home in Mercer County, dating from 1708. Isaac Watson was descended from British Quakers, and he settled in Hamilton Township. You can enjoy docent-guided tours each spring and fall. The house is authentically furnished with many pieces of furniture created by New Jersey craftspeople.
  • Kuser Farm Mansion is a stunning Queen Anne style home from 1892. In 1976, Hamilton Township purchased the 70-acre estate and turned the mansion into a living museum and educational space. You can take a tour, enjoy the grounds, or attend a special event such as their regular movie nights and Winter Wonderland.
  • John Abbott II House was the site of a historical confidence trick. In 1776 the State Senator, Samuel Tucker, decided to save the town’s fortunes from the advancing British. He hid vast amounts of his own and the town’s wealth in the house, contained in a large black trunk. When the British arrived, they found the chest empty. The Abbott family pretended they were moving house and hid the money and deeds in pots and pans!
  • The Enoch Middleton House belonged to the Quaker of that name, who used the house and garden to hide escaping slaves. At one point, he had thirty or more slaves hidden in his home, where he also held secret abolitionist meetings.
  • Grafton House belonged to Richard Jacques, who was the first Sheriff of Mercer County. This beautiful, imposing eighteenth-century home is located close to Hamilton Town Square and is available as a venue for weddings and other celebrations.

What types of damage follow after a fire?

The main problems after a fire are:

  • Soot and smoke damage to the structure of your home and your belongings. This coats items in a layer of grime that smells bad and is hard to get rid of.
  • Burned and warped materials. Structural elements and furniture can bubble, break, crack and warp as the fire burns.
  • Water from fire fighting can leave walls, floors, drapes, and contents waterlogged, which increases the risk of structural damage and mold growth.

SERVPRO takes care of every kind of fire damage. We scrub, wipe and vacuum away soot, dry or hydraulic clean stained items, dry your home, and oversee structural repairs.

For thorough fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Atlantic City / Hamilton / Hammonton at (609) 965-0885.

What does it Take to Restore a Brigantine Home?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

water leak from the ceiling Water damage done to your home may be more difficult to handle yourself. Call the pros at SERVPRO and let their IICRC certified techs do the job.

Homes in Brigantine with Water Damage Need a Professional Team to Assess the Damage, Extract Water and Perform Repairs

Water damage happens quite frequently, often regardless of the age of your home. It only takes a leaky pipe or broken appliance to allow water to flow freely through your living areas and cause significant damage. Although the solution may appear simple – dry the space – a successful restoration job requires planning and an orderly application of specialized water cleanup techniques.

In Brigantine, water damage in homes and businesses can be entrusted to SERVPRO. Our certified technicians follow industry best practices until your place is restored and back to mint condition. To establish a solid foundation for our process, we take the time to explore the space and focus on the following-

  • Safety- is the structure safe? Do structural elements appear to be compromised?
  • Contents- do we need to offer move-out services? Can we manage the damage by establishing physical barriers between the affected and unaffected areas of your home?
  • Repairs- do we need to coordinate with other contractors for repairs to ensure your home's safety and integrity before other restoration tasks?  

Do not underestimate the impact of a water event in your home. Call our professional team at (609) 965-0885 SERVPRO of Atlantic City/ Hamilton/ Hammonton and let our expert crew develop a plan that works for your needs.